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How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

As we all try to implement small changes in our day to day lives to be more eco-friendly and help fight climatic changes, there are many major sources of waste we need to be conscious of. Since weddings require a lot of different resources, they therefor have the potential to create a large quantity of waste and pollution. Food, drinks, venue, and even your wedding dress contribute to waste. With some creativity, you can easily make your special day much more eco-friendly, and even save you some money along the way. It’s a win-win!


Here are our top tips to planning an eco-friendly wedding:  

beautiful wedding dress, upcycled wedding dress

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Buy an upcycled wedding dress: Have you considered getting an upcycled gown or even a second-hand one? Not only will you save on cost, but this kind of choice is very ecological.


Choose one venue for your wedding: Try having your ceremony and reception in one location. This can cut costs like gas and transportation (limo or car rental), not to mention it's much more convenient for your guests. If you prefer to have different spaces for your ceremony and reception, consider renting shuttle buses to transport your guests back and forth. Renting such transportation is not only a green option but super fun and a safe way for your guests to be travelling that day.

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Go biodegradable: Another element of weddings that can be more eco-friendly is decorations. Most decorations end up in the garbage and many times they are plastic or non-biodegradable. Things like balloons and confetti can make the carbon footprint of your wedding go way up. From paper straws to making natural confetti, there are so many ways to create eco-friendly decorations and details for your wedding.

Want more tips on how to have an eco-friendly wedding? Here you go:

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More sustainable wedding tips


Go local: Choose local flowers that are in season. It is expensive to import exotic flowers from overseas, not to mention bad for the environment. Plus, we are so lucky to have beautiful local flower farms in Canada. Not sure what is available locally? Contact us and we can help!

Don't be afraid to repurpose: Repurpose your flowers and decorations. Instead of throwing out the flowers, consider donating them to a hospital or giving them to your guests as a thank you. We always offer to our clients to donate their flowers to retirement homes. The smiles we get when we do these deliveries are priceless!

diy wedding decor, diy wedding centerpieces, eco-friendly wedding decor

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Try DIY decorations: Instead of plastic confetti, you can make confetti using a hole puncher and leaves. You can also incorporate natural materials such as wood and pebbles, foliage, and burlap into your decorations. A nice walk-in nature will offer you plenty of inspiration.


Serve clean food: Another way to make your wedding eco-friendly is designing an environmentally conscious menu. Consider using locally grown or organic food, as well as local wine and beer. This significantly cuts down on the transportation costs and gas emissions associated with bringing in those items from other places. Plus, your guests will be impressed to learn the effort that went into planning a delicious and local menu.

sustainable food and drinks, eco-friendly food, local food and drinks

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Ready to go eco-friendly?

There are endless ideas out there for eco-friendly weddings. Choose to make your wedding tasteful but not wasteful! For more ideas, tips, and guidance, reach out to our team of professional planners to help you make your special day a happy and eco-friendly one.


Exquisitely Yours,

Lily & Roses' team


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