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Gender Reveal Parties and Planning a Baby Shower: All You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered what this gender reveal party trend is? How to plan one? What the basics are? Don’t worry – we, at Lily & Roses have got you covered. Growing in popularity in recent years, a gender reveal party is a special celebration for the mother-to-be and family, with their closest family members and friends. There are a few differences when it comes to theme and planning which we will outline for you right here. Check out our descriptions and designs from our most recent baby shower we planned in Montreal. 

baby shower centerpiece

Image by Vecteezy

How to proceed-

Baby showers are centred around the new mom/mom-to-be and the baby on the way. In comparison, a gender reveal party is a little more personal. While a baby shower is typically held during the last few months of the pregnancy, a gender reveal party usually happens 3-4 months into the pregnancy, once the mother, father and family find out the sex of the baby and they choose to share it with the world in their own special way!

baby shower favours, baby bunny theme

Image by KamranAydinov via Freepik

How Many Gifts Do Guests Typically Bring?

Bring one. Bring two. Many opt for a gender-neutral gift (this kind is our personal favourite) and something for the mama. No matter what the baby will identify as, a mama still needs specific items like a breast pump, comfy clothing and personal care products. A gift registry is always a great way to guide your guests in their gifting and avoid duplicates.  If the mother and father decide to find out the sex of the baby beforehand and share it with her family and friends, guests will typically bring a gift for the baby that is gender specific, but not an obligation.

Sometimes the mother and father decide that they want to keep the information about the sex of the baby to themselves, or simply find out at the birth. What’s wrong with keeping it old school? In this case guests usually bring colourful gifts that are appropriate for any baby. Typically colours and themes include: green, yellow, shades of grey, animal prints, and vintage vibes. As a guest, referring to the gift registry is also important if one was created.

baby shower gift, baby shower cookie, it's a girl

Image by Freepik

The party!

Favours, sweet table, cake, games, gifts...all the same baby shower ideas apply with a gender reveal party. It’s about sharing the coming of a new baby with the people whom you hold most dear. In a gender reveal party, the hosts may decide to focus the games of the day around the revealing of the gender. For example, a neutral-coloured cake will be at the centre of the table and hidden inside the cake is something pink or blue. The hosts can choose when the cake is cut and when their guests can find out the gender. Another example of a game is by popping balloons and inside the balloons is either pink or blue confetti. Have fun with all the options and possibilities!

gender reveal party, gender reveal balloon, boy or girl balloon

Image by Freepik

For clients of ours, they had planned a small gender reveal party with their immediate family a few months prior to the shower. It was a nice weekend brunch and afterwards with the simple cutting of the cake everyone found out – it’s a girl! A few months later, we have helped them plan a soft, fun and feminine themed baby shower where they have welcomed a larger group of family and friends.

The event was held on a cold winter afternoon, where all guests were welcomed with a self serve hot chocolate bar where they could indulge in their favorite toppings and treats. A copious brunch followed as well as sweets and cake.  They have proceeded to open gifts, take pictures with their guests and a few fun and light games with prizes for the winners.

baby shower decor, centerpiece, cake, favours, balloon decor

Image by Vecteezy

Most importantly, whether it be a baby shower, a gender reveal party or other events, remember that your celebrations must represent who you are. In the era of Instagram and Pinterest, don’t lose focus of who you are, what you love and what is important to you.

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